Online Add-Drop Periods

Semester 1 / 2018
August 21, 2018
09.00 - 16.00 hrs.
August 22-24, 2018
10.00 - 16.00 hrs.


Students can check for available Course/Section they will need at URSA Online,
please choose “Course Section Available” in Registrar Services
Registration Unit || จุดบริการลงทะเบียนเรียน
Rangsit Campus
Internet Zone Floor 3rd
Surut Osathanugrah Library
City Campus
Library and Learning Space
Floor 2nd

Steps for Add-Drop
1. Through the Internet

* Students who did not settle the payment for the registration the first time for this semester will not be able to use this service.*

2.) Choose “ Online Add-Drop” and follow the instructions **Please read the details carefully before registration”
3.) Enter Username and Password (Student’s confidential password) in order to access the registration system (The system can be accessed only within the determined period of time).
4.) Process Add, following the given steps. Print out the Registration Report and use it to settle the payment during the period stated in the Report.
5.) In case of Drop, please follow the given steps. The system of the registration is set to refund 40% per course for all cases. Changing Section for paid courses is also considered as Drop (In case Drop reaches the 100 % refund condition, students have to contact the Registration service point at the university only).
6.) In case students take both Add and Drop Registration at the same time or change Section for a paid course and have to additionally settle the payment for Registration, if students do not settle the payment within the determined period, Drop will be in immediate effect and Add will be considered as canceled/voided.

2. Registration Service Point

1.) Students receive an Add-Drop card at the Registration service point. Then, write course/section needed to register add/drop correctly. When completed, please give your student ID card to the instructor at the computer.

2.) Wait for the Registration Report in order to use it to settle the payment within the due date or contact the Financial Department.



Dropping or changing section for a paid course

will be refunded for 40% according to the Regulation 19.3 
of the University/The remaining amount will be used for the next registration.
Except in case of adding a particular Section that conflicts with
the examination-schedule of the paid courses.
In this case, changing a Section for a course can be done without being considere as Drop.
Students of this case have to contact the Registration Service point at the university only


Update: August 15, 2018