Students who do not want to attend End of Semester Period in any registered courses can withdraw those courses Online in order to avoid Grade “F” following the schedule of the Online Registration calendar. The withdrawn courses would be marked as “w” in the Transcript.


Withdrawal includes the following steps:

1. Students enter and choose URSA for Undergraduates (USRA Online).

2. Choose “Registration Online“, then click “Online Withdrawal” and follow the instructions **Please read the details carefully before registration”* carefully before registration”

 3. Enter Login and Password in order to access the Withdrawal system (Students can access the system only within the determined period of time) **Be careful! of others who may know your Password and process Withdrawal without your acknowledgement**

4. Check the dropped courses to make sure that they are correct before your confirmation because they cannot be revised or changed later. Students do not have the right to attend the examination of the dropped courses.

5. After students confirm Drop by using their Student ID AND Password, the University will send the Withdrawal Report to the students by email or the students can “Check Withdrawn Courses” online also.


     Students can apply Online Withdrawal many times and can withdraw every course. Except for First Year students. In case students intend to withdraw every course, permission is needed from the Dean of the School and the provided evidence be submitted to the Registration Department according to the due date (during office hours of the Department)